Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP)


Treatments practised:



Person Centred Counselling

Also known as Client-Centred Counselling was developed by Carl Rogers in the 1940s and 1950s. He believed that all people have a desire to fulfil their potential and to become the best that they can be. It is also based on the idea that all human beings know themselves and their life story better than anyone can and that the answers they are looking for are found within them.


The counsellor/psychotherapist works with the client to view the world from the clientís perspective to assist them in finding these answers. They help the client to explore and use their own strengths, abilities and natural self-healing qualities to overcome their problems.


Person-Centred Therapy can help individuals of all ages with a range of personal issues. Many people find this to be a very supportive therapy because it allows the client to keep control of the subject matter within the counselling room, the pace with which they would like the sessions to go and they donít need to worry about being judged or assessed.


Jane is a qualified Person Centred Counsellor/Psychotherapist. She is also a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP. She works in accordance with the BACP Ethical Framework and receives regular professional supervision to ensure safe practice.


Jane will help you to explore the place in which you find yourself and provide you with the necessary and vital support to help you. Jane will walk that difficult path with you so that you are not alone. She will support you in a non-judgemental and non-directive way to understand the world from your point of view.


Jane's hope is that you will find a trusting relationship where you feel safe, accepted and understood, a place where you can truly discover yourself and find that inner strength to empower you in your life.


Some of the things that Counselling can help with:









Domestic Violence

Eating Disorders


Low Self Confidence

Relationship Issues

Self Harm

Self Esteem

Serious Illness




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